Million Dollar Challenge

We are proud to announce the winner of our second annual Advertiser360 Million Dollar Challenge!

Joining GK Pai, our last year’s winner, in our hall of fame is 35-year-old Justin Elenburg. This year Elenburg was the first to generate 1 million dollars in revenue by applying our principles to his mobile marketing website,

Elenburg’s success did not come without difficulties. According to Elenburg, the biggest challenges he had to face while preparing and launching his online business was ”keeping everything together and working [at least] 20hours a day” and being unsure of whether or not “[he] was doing things correctly.” Elenburg had no prior experience in the product making space, however that mattered very little. Elenburg learned an important lesson that everyone should learn: “Just go forward. If you fail at least you know how not to do it.” This lesson ”has been [Elenburg's] big secret. Fail until you get it right.”

So how has Elenburg’s life changed since? Elenburg decided to retire early from business, but he discovered very early on that retirement was not for him and that he missed working. Elenburg states, “I realized that my favorite hobby is business.  So I probably work just as much as I did before (if not more) than when I made a ton of money.  The only two differences [are] I get to buy tons of toys and I get to [choose] when and who I work with.”  Sounds like life hasn’t changed too much for business-oriented Elenburg, but he sure seems to have his life under control.

To his fellow Advertiser360 members, Elenburg advises, “Don’t be afraid to fail. I am sure that if you ask most entrepreneurs about how many failures they have had, most of them have had more failures, than successes…but it is
the failures that have led them to the BIG successes that they have made.” Elenburg goes on to quote from one of the most famous and most influential entrepreneurs in history: ”I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” -Thomas A. Edison