Course Material

The Advertiser360 Private Coaching Program is a comprehensive training program that’s made up of:

  • 20 High Quality DVD’s (see descriptions below)
  • 356-Page Training System professionally-edited content with 8 Full Modules
  • 134-Page Interactive Workbook to walk you step-by-step, through any type of product or service online
  • 18 Proven Strategies used by the most successful Online Advertisers
  • 8 Cheat Sheets to help you reference everything you learned
  • Free access to our Online Community to collaborate with the best minds in the industry.
  • Complete Rolodex of over 400 of the industry’s best services and tools for you need to get started
  • Market Projections and daily reporting software that eliminates all the guesswork on profitability
  • Monthly webinars of the industry’s top experts and guest speakers

Module 1: Introduction

Module 1 is designed to give you the essentials before you go out and start building your own campaign.

Here is what else you will discover in Module 1:
  • Why most advertisers fail and the two most important things you need to get started.
  • Inspiration story of how I got in the game and became successful online in a very short period of time.
  • Discover the main sources of traffic generation that the best affiliates and advertisers use to send your offer incredible amounts of traffic like PPC, PPV, SEM, SEO, social media, email marketing, media buying, and offline marketing tactics.
  • Discover the difference between an affiliate network and a CPA network and when you should use each one.

This module will cover what to expect and an overview of the largest types of campaigns that are doing well online (physical products, digital products, online services, offline services, and rebill/continuity offers). It will give you an introduction to the comprehensive list of all the main types of traffic generation to market and an introduction to affiliate and CPA marketing.

Module 2: Analyze

In Module 2, you will discover eighteen strategies used by advertisers to help decide and brainstorm your own campaign idea. You will see how to do the necessary market and competitive research and how to properly analyze and project your offer’s profitability before you even risk a dime on a campaign.

Here is what else you will find in Module 2:
  • The secrets to setting up your business and web site for almost zero costs
  • Before you begin, I will help you understand the most important lingo and terms that are important as an advertiser (i.e. CPM, CPC, ARPU, CLV, etc.)
  • You will understand the numbers behind what makes for a successful advertiser like how to calculate your click-thru rate, cost per click, conversion rate, cost per sale, and cost per acquisition
  • Discover my secret “Ah-Ha” that is most essential to become an advertiser, it is the single most important thing any successful advertiser must know.
  • The exact details of the 3 key factors that every advertiser most focus on in order to be successful
  • How to use the 18 proven strategies compiled from over a decade of becoming an advertiser. Strategies to start with practically no money down to advanced tactics that the biggest advertisers have kept secret.
  • How to use market research and competitive analysis tools like Compete, Quantcast, Alexa, Spyfu, and KeywordSpy.
  • How to utilize tools that will allow you to download thousands of keywords that your competitors have already researched and tested and save you hundreds of hours of keyword compilation.
  • How to use a fail-proof profitability software that analyzes your data by simply copy-and-pasting to help determine which market to enter.
  • Free download of our custom profitability spreadsheet that does all the work for you. I have spent over 200 hours working with one of the top Excel programmer and analyst to make the most sophisticated and easy-to-use spreadsheets to help determine which market is most profitable. This will save you tens of thousands of wasted dollars getting into the wrong market.

Before we begin building your website, business, or empire, you need to understand the numbers. I am going to show you how to analyze your competition and do proper market analysis. I will show you how to use the spreadsheets that I use myself to find volume, scale, profitability and research my competitors information. This section will save you thousands on making sure you have the right business model and entered the right market.

Module 3: Plan

In Module 3, you will develop a strategic plan, set the goals and create the outline to setup your campaign.

Here is what else you will discover in Module 3:
  • How to utilize the 7 main traits in what to save your business time and money from picking the wrong name.
  • How to build your brand and develop your logo.
  • How to properly figure out your unique selling position (USP) and the nine qualities every USP should have.
  • How to use the three principles in coming up with your tagline.
  • How I use these seven qualities for picking any partner and the must-have traits for hiring employees.
  • How to use the seven example types of business models given and how to find the right business model for your offer
  • How to create S.M.A.R.T. goals and a free tool to utilize mind maps to brainstorm your plan

In this module, we will be picking out a name, building your brand, finding the right business model for you, and setting tangible goals to accomplish. My personal goal is for you to take the bull by its horns and grow your success in this module!

Module 4: Setup

In Module 4, you will find the key components in setting up a proper online business from customer support to merchant account processing to automating your fulfillment process. One of your goals should be to build an automated system with all the pieces working seamlessly to minimize errors, make you more efficient, and save you time and money in the long run. You will have complete access to all the tools and resources that most of the biggest advertisers are currently using.

Here is what else you will find in Module 4:
  • How to setup your own website and your domain and hosting correctly.
  • How to save up to $600 by using my favorite place to go to register my company and why there is an advantage to doing it this way.
  • How to use my “virtual office” and “mailbox” strategy to save you thousands each month on renting your own office while still building legitimacy.
  • How to setup your merchant processing and a complete listing of my personal contacts of all the best merchant providers to use and which one to stay away from.
  • How to protect yourself from getting on The M.A.T.C.H. File (the blacklist of merchant processing).
  • How to setup your gateway and index of the best gateways out there.
  • How to use the “100-50 Rule” that VISA and MasterCard don’t want you to know to beat the system in merchant processing.
  • How to I setup my customer support system to reduce call volume and how I save thousands each month by using this one trick.
  • How to pick the right company to outsource your customer support and all my outbound and inbound scripts that I use for my campaigns given away for free.
  • How to use one of the latest “IVR Strategy” that every new advertiser is using to reduce call volumes by over 50%.
  • How to setup your own in-house system and process an order within seconds and when it’s ready to outsource your fulfillment.
  • How to use my fulfillment trick to save up to $3-4 per order on handling and postage.
  • How I outsource almost everything for a fraction of the price and the exact sites I use to get graphic designers, programmers, and translators.

Now you should be ready to start setting up and laying down the foundation of your business. This section will go over the basics of websites 101 and also cover how to setup your domain and hosting, business entity, your merchant account processing, customer support, fulfillment, and tips to finding the right outsourced talents.

Module 5: Develop

In Module 5, you will learn the principles of persuasion and motivational factors to turn prospective visitors into buying and loyal customers. You will also learn all the best ways to address the main reasons why customers don’t buy. You will learn the science behind the highest converting pages currently on the web.

You will discover in Module 5:
  • How I use a “Four Letter Strategy” to create all my landing pages and sales letter.
  • How to use to two most important factors in creating your content and as a guideline to increasing your website conversion.
  • How to use the five most important criteria in selecting your main image and tips to creating the perfect headlines with over 100 examples of the best headlines that convert.
  • How to properly communicate your sales message and the most common mistake most people make when writing their copy.
  • The 14 most common reasons customers online say no and how to combat each one of them.
  • How to increase your customer retention and build a loyal customer base.
  • How to generate referrals and the best free tools to use to help make your campaign go viral.
  • Discover the most common technical mistakes that happen before launching and how to use our “checklist before a launch” to make your launch successful.

I will show you how to develop your website content and how you should write your sales copy. Every word, picture and color you choose for your site, helps in targeting your demographic and their likelihood of completing the sales process. The point in this module is to have the highest converting site.

Module 6: Test

In Module 6, you will learn how to setup your campaign with the proper tracking tools to start testing your offer. You will learn the proper techniques and tricks to optimize and split test your offer to increase your conversions and grow your campaign to new heights.

Here is what else you will find in Module 6:
  • How to use the “5-Second Rule” in order to help your website conversion.
  • The one single most important reason why most advertisers are poor testers.
  • How to use free, simple tools to help test your browser and screen resolutions.
  • How to use tools to properly track your affiliate and website conversion.
  • How to properly A/B split test and utilize multivariate testing.
  • How to use the twelve strategies to increase your site’s conversion.
  • How to use the three most important areas to optimize your enter campaign.

The best advertisers in this space understand that continual testing is essential. Successful advertisers spend very little time developing their initial website in order to run tests. This gives them some metrics to go off of as they continue to optimize. They will change content, headlines, images, colors, all sorts of different things, so that they can keep optimizing along the way. This module will teach you exactly what you need to do and what are the best tools to track your site’s conversion and your affiliates.

Module 7: Market

In Module 7, you will have a comprehensive look into top marketing and traffic sources used by top affiliates and advertisers today. You will learn how to generate your own traffic sources to your campaign and how to develop utilize affiliate networks to attract dozens of affiliates and publishers to promote your campaign.

The first part of this module is about the main sources of traffic on the Internet, which includes Pay Per Click, Pay Per View, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Media Buying. I will give a solid overview of each traffic source and share some of the strategies and tricks used by top affiliates and

You will discover in Module 7:
  • Discover the insider secrets to hundreds of different traffic sources.
  • How to use Pay Per Click traffic to generate traffic and the three main PPC networks and a review of the best 2nd Tier PPC Networks.
  • How to use Pay Per View traffic and the tips and tricks to be successful using PPV traffic.
  • How to use free traffic sources like SEO to help increase your organic rankings and the free ways to improve your quality score.
  • How to use social media marketing to massively increase your traffic to your site and the best strategies to setup your social media campaign.
  • How to utilize the power of email marketing and free ways to increase your customer’s long term value.
  • How to use media buying to gain incredible amounts of traffic to your site and best ad networks and banner creation techniques.
  • How to utilize affiliate and CPA networks to pay no money in marketing expenses and tricks to get affiliates to promote your offer.
  • How to take advantage of the number one mistake CPA advertisers make when working with a CPA network and how to protect yourself

Module 8: Protect

Protecting your company is essential for managing and growing your business, and this responsibility falls on you as an owner. Many campaigns grow into great profitable organizations, only to be brought down by the law, cash flow issues, not realizing they are not profitable, partners splitting up and employees creating legal and productive difficulties..

Here is what else you will find in Module 8:
  • You will understand why some of the biggest advertisers fail and how to prevent and protect yourself from making the same mistakes.
  • Find out how to properly track and manage your onine campaign
  • The six most important ways to grow and protect your campaign.
  • How to use the daily profitability spreadsheet to do all the work for you, saving you hours each day in properly analyzing your daily profitability and cash flow.
  • How to protect your merchant processing and tricks to keep them up and ways to still get processing if you are TMF’d.
  • The five main ways affiliates fraud your campaign and exactly what you can do to protect your business and your campaign.
  • How to utilize a fool-proof system of checks and balances so if any technology breaks you can respond to it right away.
  • How to protect your company from signing the wrong partners, employees, or suppliers.
  • How to properly respond to any FTC, BBB, copyright infringement, or attorney general letters.
  • How to protect your brand reputation and keep customers for life and increase your customer’s long term value.
  • How to stay on top of your competitors and always stay on top of your game.
  • How to protect your campaign from affiliate and CPA networks and the best tricks to keep networks always wanting to run your campaigns.

There are many reasons why your business can fail. But through this module, I will teach you how to protect what you’ve built, aid in your growing a prosperous business, and reveal insider secretes to help you stay in the game.

Modules 9 through 13:

In Module 9 through 13, I will be coaching you, step-by-step, to help you build your own campaign. I will be walking you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to get ready for launching your own campaign.

Here is what else you will find in Modules 9-13:
  • How to use the interactive workbook to walk you through the entire pre-launch, launch, and growth stages of ANY campaign online.
  • Module 9 is designed precisely when you’re ready to laucnh your own Physical Product. Whether you are going as an e-commerce or want to build your own landing page, this module will help you get there.
  • Module 10 is for any Digital Product campaign, whether it is a toolbar, software, or even an e-book or video course.
  • Module 11 is made for any Online Service. See how to utilize monetize off your service by ad revenue or buy setting up a successful paid subscription service.
  • Module 12 is design for any Offline Service or Business. However you want to use the Internet to generate leads or bring in more sales to your business, this module goes through the entire process.
  • Module 13 is for anyone who wants to do their own Rebill/Continuity offer and be a part of the billion dollar industry. It will unveil the entire best-kept secrets in this lucrative business model.
Bonus #1Daily Report & Analysis Tools ($772 value)
You get access to our sophisticated, yet super easy to use tools that will help with projections and analyze your market before you even get started.
Bonus #2My Complete Online Rolodex ($997 value)
Over 500 vendors, resources, tools, manufacturers, merchant processors, call centers, fulfillment centers and other partners to help you get started. The course comes with hundreds of vendors in our Rolodex, membership access to our online community forum, regular updates, and webinars.

It took me over four years to build this one of a kind Rolodex and I could easily sell this alone for $997. But you get it for FREE when you become an Advertiser360 member.